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Thursday, April 13, 2017, 6 to 10PM at Hyatt Centric Santa Barbara, 1111 E Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

  • Scott Topper is a 3X Emmy-nominated TV show host and corporate improv skills coach.
  • Learn Business Public Speaking Skills. Continuing education to further your professional career.
  • Great for salespeople, marketing, telemarketers, and customer service representatives.

This Santa Barbara Business Presentation Skills Training Workshop will help you to gain speaking confidence and develop speaking skills to become a better presenter.

Sign up by March 31st for early bird pricing of just $399 (send paypal now)

Cost: $799 per person (Must pre-pay in full in advance with a credit card.) Sign up by March 31st for early bird pricing of just $399 (send paypal now)

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Beginners thru Intermediate Presentation Skills Training Course
Learn Public Speaking Fundamentals, Improv, and Public Speaking Tips

Santa Barbara class limited to first 25 people. All attendees will receive Scott’s Best-Selling Amazon Public Speaking DVD and Workbook ($25 Value).
Be prepared to give a one minute elevator speech, pitch or presentation.

*Snacks and refreshments served during breaks
**Wear comfortable clothing


About Scott

Scott Topper, 3X Emmy Nominated TV Show Host, and Corporate Improv Skills Coach, helps organizations and individuals learn business improvisational skills and theatrical techniques to achieve better sales presentation results and gain confidence through his fun, interactive corporate presentation skills workshops. Scott offers a monthly coaching mentoring newsletter, and has authored over 30 public speaking books, audio books, workbooks, DVD’s, and downloadable confident speaking courses. For more information about Scott, contact him at, (818) 640-6100, or Scott(at)

Seeking results for your public speaking challenges? IMproSolutions™ is here to help! Eventually EVERYONE at one point in their lives will be called upon to make an informative speech.


We know there are many training courses and speaking courses on how to speak in public. For those of you who are keen on self-learning, and wanting to overcome public speaking fear, the most effective way to source the materials is through our store. Developed in 1999, IMproSolutions™ will give you the tools and knowledge you need to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a better presenter. We realize that stage fright is the number one fear among adults. Sharpen your speaking skills, increase your confidence, and improve your performance with one of the best presentation skills training courses on the market today.

Want to learn how to communicate effectively? Want to learn how to present with natural confidence? Our public speaking workshop can show you how to connect with your audience today!


“Scott’s program and workshop offers a fresh approach to public-speaking. Designed for the first time presenter and written for the freshmen INTRO at the University level, this is a great review of essential public-speaking basics that is entertaining, engaging, informative, and a lot of fun! I personally highly recommend this speaking and presentation skills course!” – Anna Kwong, Adjunct Faculty, Santa Barbara City College

The IMproSolutions™ technique is highly effective for many people, professions, occasions, and events. Public Speaking Master Series is great for executives and managers seeking public speaking success! Our course is fun, simple, and highly-effective, and made for overcoming public speaking fear.

As professional actor and public speaking expert Scott Topper guides you gradually through the fundamentals of effective, powerful public speaking presentations, you’ll explore improvisation, warm-up exercises, visualization, vocalization, body movement, and stage technique while learning how to develop your most effective delivery style.

Each topic is clearly explained and demonstrated during the Public Speaking Master Series, and accompanied with a Workbook complete with suggested exercises, practice tips, checklists, and room for recording your own notes so you will conquer your public speaking fears.

With over two decades of public speaking, improv, and acting experience, Mr. Topper will personally walk you through the basics of improvising and public speaking with this interactive Public Speaking Master Series program. You’ll discover the step-by-step secrets to improve your public speaking skills. Our goal is to increase your confidence and creativity by further developing your public speaking technique through our presentation skills courses.

Scott recently taught the Antioch University MBA workshop High-Impact Public Speaking Skills for Dynamic Leaders.

Details on below flyer…

Antioch University’s 2016 MBA Program with Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper
MBA Workshop – High-Impact Public Speaking Skills for Dynamic Leaders

Who is Scott Topper?

Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper is a member of Meeting Professionals International, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and International Special Events Society. • Scott is a Three-time Emmy Nominated U.S. TV Show Host. • He loves improvisation and co-starred in “Hypnotalk” on E! Entertainment TV. • As “Night Guard Scott,” Mr. Topper toured the United States and promoted the DVD release of the movie “Night at the Museum” for Twentieth Century Fox. • He served as reality Field Producer for MTV’s “Taildaters,” and later became show runner for MTV’s “Burned.” Public Speaking Master Series Overview:

This course as a combination of Basic Theatre 101 and Introduction to Improvisation, focusing primarily on preparation and delivery of a speech and on boosting your confidence and stimulating your creativity so you can make a persuasive speech.

We want to help you learn to deal with your fear directly, by empowering you with the right tools so you can feel secure in front of an audience. You’re on the right track with our courses in public speaking!

Topics Include:

  • Breathing techniques & visualizations
  • Becoming passionate about your presentation
  • Boosting you confidence for persuasive speaking
  • Knowing the purpose & objective of your speech
  • Common speaking challenges
  • Preparing & practicing your speech Public Speaking Master Series Time Slots:

We offer a four hour weekday morning Master Series seminar 9AM to 1PM and a four hour weekday afternoon. Master Series seminar 2PM to 6PM (times may vary depending upon location specifications). We focus on individual attention and maintain a small classroom. In doing so, we provide our expertise on your creative and unique presentation style. Great for making a graduation speech, best man speech, or to learn more about public speaking.

Los Angeles communication skills training and Santa Barbara professional development seminars and on-site training. The #1 choice for training individuals, groups, teams and organizations for public speaking skills. Public Speaking Workshop Requirements: We need a Powerpoint presentation room with A/V assistance- We need a pc laptop computer with clicker, projector, screen, wireless lapel mic, and audio with speakers. The room must be large enough that we can all stand in a big circle. Each participant must have a chair and an area to write down notes, pen, and paper. Participants should dress casual. Bottles of water for each person is suggested. There are two 15 minute breaks. We also need a podium with a microphone and speakers so that each participant can practice and perform their speech. We need to know the duration of each speech so we can practice the delivery.

IMproSolutions is a teaching method created by Presentation Skills Speaker, Scott Topper, using improvisation and theatrical techniques to help individuals overcome fear of public speaking and become better presenters. How many people will be attending the session? What level presenters are they…beginners, intermediate, advanced? Please invite your attendees to subscribe to the FREE Confident Speaking Course Newsletter so they can receive our 2 FREE e-books and additional helpful public speaking information prior to our workshop. By signing up, people will receive the FREE “Top 10 Tips on Public Speaking for Speaking Confidence” ebook and the “Top 10 Biggest Mistakes to AVOID When Public Speaking” ebook.

Business, leadership, teamwork, organizational structure and culture, improv training, and professional development are what we are all about.

Scott was hired by AppFolio, Inc. to help 10 employees prepare for their upcoming sales meeting.


At AppFolio we create easy-to-use, web-based software that helps small and mid-sized businesses improve their workflow so they save time and make more money. Our company was founded by a team of technology leaders with many years of experience developing applications that are built for small and medium sized business. Our Chief Strategist, Klaus Schauser, was responsible for creating Citrix GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting – two award winning web-based collaboration solutions that generate over $400MM annually. Jon Walker, our CTO, has been a founding member of multiple successful start-up companies that were eventually acquired. He is considered a pioneer in the area of data migration and was responsible for creating advanced migration software that has been deployed to over 40 million computers worldwide.

The IMproSolutions Public Speaking Workshops:

“We worked with Scott to prepare for a big conference. We had a number of ‘first time speakers’ and our whole team really enjoyed Scott’s dynamic speakers workshop. The team was more confident, more engaging and felt great about their presentations…plus they had fun in the process!”
Aimee Miller
VP, Marketing | AppFolio

“This was a positive, productive, and fun team building program for improving business conversation skills. By using humor and collaborative learning techniques, Scott taught our associates how to relax when giving their presentations with helpful exercises, improvisational games, and memorable public speaking information.”
-Sean Smith

Learn how to become a better public speaker and communicator…Scott teaches essential communication skills training for managers, supervisors, team leaders, and others!


Public Speaking Questions asked by corporate clients:

  1. What do I do with my hands during my presentation?
  2. How do I stand when the other person is talking?
  3. How do I become an effective public speaker?
  4. How do I stay relaxed? How do I reduce my nervousness before and during my presentation?
  5. Besides the presentation, what are good ways to keep the audience engaged?
  6. What can I do to look genuinely enthusiastic?
  7. What is the best way to prepare for speaking in front of a large crowd?
  8. How do I handle difficult questions that put me on the spot during the presentation?

What do you want to learn?

  1. Appropriate hand/body movement
  2. How to most effectively and successfully convey the presentation
  3. How to reduce “ums”
  4. How to keep the audience engaged
  5. How to be more natural
  6. How to become a more confident speaker
  7. What to do against nervousness

Our program shows you how to answer these important questions during our workshop!

“After applying this process to your everyday life you’ll find your inner voice, increase your listening skills, and transform your presentations.”- Scott Topper


Download a Sample Powerpoint Presentation Here!

Watch Scott’s workshop Videos from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA


Short Seminars & Keynote Speaking: IMproSolutions™ also offers a condensed thirty minute seminar and a complete one hour Keynote presentation with Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper.

Overcome your fear of public speaking!

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At IMproSolutions™ we are passionate about helping you to overcome fear of public speaking. With courses in public speaking, including presentation skills courses, speaking and presentation skills training, and speaking skill tips. Read about our public speaking program from Author Scott Topper a three-time Emmy-nominated television show host, professional actor and speaker.