"fear of public speaking news"A new survey has found that women fear the thought of public speaking more than they do their own death with public speaking being rated the third greatest fear among women.

Researchers looked at the top fears of 2,000 women and found that while losing a family member and being buried alive were at the top of the list of fears that the fear of public speaking was rated as the third on the least of most scary things in your life.

When looking at things that most scare women the thought of getting up and making a speech in public was a terrifying prospect for many women who feared making a spectacle of themselves, tripping on their words or sounding foolish while giving a speech in front of family, friends, co workers or strangers.

The study into the fears of women was commissioned by Ripley’s and a spokesman said:  “Women were questioned about the things which make them most worried and frightened and discussed up to 88 different types of phobias.

“Incredibly, although more common terrors such as spiders, heights and the dark did feature on the final list, there were also very real fears most associated with events out of our control – such as losing loved ones, public humiliation or losing important things.

The spokesman added: “The study also unveiled some of the stranger things women are frightened of including belly buttons, small boats, fish touching them, and pigeons.

“I’d have thought people would be afraid of our real Amazonian shrunken heads or the torture instruments showcased in the Dungeon Zone but we get more people scared of the lifts.”

Some of the things on the list that women were scared about conformed to gender stereotypes  and included a fear of snakes at number 6, a fear of spiders at number 8, a fear of aging at number 14 and a fear of going bald at number 18.

However, while it seems that it is perfectly normal to be very scared about making a speech in public there are also a good number of women who are scared of more unusual things such as peanut butter, bubble bath and people on stilts.

It is thought that the fear of public speaking in women and men comes from a fear of humiliation.  Many people who worry about making a speech and public speaking are concerned that their audience will find what they are saying interesting and engaging and fear that the audience may think they are stupid.


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