"work speaking"Are you one of the millions of people who automatically get chocked up when you hear the words “public speaking”? If so, know that you are not alone and that your fear of public speaking is actually quite common. However, despite how afraid of speaking in front of an audience you are and how much you try to avoid making a speech in front of a crowd,you can’t hide from it forever.

The simple fact is that speaking in public is something that nearly all people will have to do at least once in their lives, if not several times in their lives – and this public speaking is usually work-related. So, that being said, public speaking can really be a big benefit for your career.

Here is a look at why speaking in front of a crowd can enhance your career and boost your success:

Highlights your knowledge. When you speak in front of a crowd, you are given the opportunity to highlight what you know. For example, if you are asked to give a presentation on a new product that your company is considering adding to its line up, or you are asked to come up with a new way to do something for your company, speaking in front of an audience will allow you to showcase your knowledge to your co-workers and to your superiors.

Improves and showcases your confidence. There is a lot to be said for having confidence in yourself. When you have confidence in yourself, it helps to enhance your presence, which helps to increase your success with business. Public speaking allows you to improve your confidence in yourself, and it also allows you to showcase how much you believe in yourself. When you are confident, it shows, and that lends itself well for a good business presence.

Helps you stand out. When you make a speak in front of your colleagues, and you do it well, it helps you to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Good public speaking skills will make you stand out from the crowd, which can potentially help to boost your success (for example, if there is a promotion available, you may be the one your boss thinks of for the position.)

Public speaking – and good public speaking – can certainly help to improve your career. If you don’t feel like your public speaking skills are up-to-snuff, than you should consider boosting them with a public speaking course.

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