use humor effectivelyHow often do you use humor in your speech? Do you know how to entertain the audience and make people laugh? If you can entertain while teaching, your speech will be successful. Appropriate humor relaxes people and makes them feel more comfortable during business meetings, presentations and other formal events. If you’re not a naturally funny person, you will have to learn how to entertain and use humor in your speech. By telling jokes and funny stories, you will look more charismatic, confident, and spontaneous.

Proper humor can help you emphasize key points, crystallize an idea, and make information more memorable. It’s important to tell jokes that are closely related to your topic. Humor works best in speeches when it’s brief, relevant, and tasteful. It should also seem spontaneous. If it appears too well practiced, it will not have the desired effect. Try to come up with your own jokes and personal stories. A joke borrowed from someone else may not sound as funny as the original.

Public speakers can use humor at the beginning of their presentation as well as at the end or in the middle. You can tell a good joke or a humorous story anytime during your speech. By using humor from the start, you’ll let people know that they are going to have a good time. You can also use humor in the middle of your speech to make your main points memorable and expressive. The closing line is what the audience remembers most. If you want to make a lasting impression, tell a good joke or something very funny at the end of your speech.

Incorporating humor into your speech helps people relax and unwind. It also brings them together and makes them smile. Humor helps deliver controversial or bad news. Don’t be afraid to be self-deprecating and humble. This will actually help you connect with the audience. Speak about embarrassing moments in your life and share personal stories that make people laugh. Show your human face and don’t take yourself too seriously. Making fun of yourself creates a deeper connection with the public.

Do you still have doubts whether or not you should use humor in public speaking? According to experts, information is more likely to be understood and retained when it’s presented humorously. The audience will enjoy what you have to say and pay more attention to your message. If you want to become a great orator, find the type of humor that fits your speaking style.

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