"props"It’s no secret that public speaking is something that most people dread. In fact, when the majority of people hear the words ‘public speaking’, they either cringe at the thought; or far worse – they suffer from an anxiety attack.

If you have a fear of speaking in front of an audience, yet you have no choice but to go through with your presentation, you are probably looking for some helpful tips that you can use in order to ease your nerves, calm your fears and successfully go on with your speech.

One tip that I find to be extremely useful for easing the anxiety associated with public speaking is the use of props. Yes, props. Any type of prop, such as a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, a book, a report or an audio file, for example, can serve as an excellent solution to a fear of public speaking. Why? Let’s have a look:

Props Back You Up. One of the biggest reasons why people fear speaking in front of an audience is because they fear that they won’t know their stuff. They fear that they will stumble or sound silly. Props can serve as an excellent resource to back up your speech. You can refer to a report, for example, to support information that you have cited in your presentation. You can use a PowerPoint presentation to highlight your information. You can also use such props as a tool for recalling the key points of your presentation.

Add Interest. Props are an excellent way to ease a fear of public speaking because they add interest to a presentation. Another reason why people are afraid of speaking in front of groups of people is because they are afraid that what they have to say will not be of interest to the audience. Props automatically add interest to any presentation because they add another angle; they make the presentation an auditory and a visual experience. People enjoy having their senses stimulated, and props add another sensory dimension to a presentation.

Not Alone. While props are, in fact, inanimate objects, they do create a sense of not being alone. When you have the feeling that you are not alone, you tend to be less afraid of making a public presentation.

Props can certainly help to diminish a fear of public speaking. So, the next time you have a presentation to make, don’t forget to bring along some props.

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