"types of public speaking persuasion"Types of public speaking range from demonstration and informative speeches to persuasive speeches. Informal events, such as a wedding or a birthday party, usually require entertainment speeches. In general, business people and marketers use persuasive speeches for promoting a product or service. Their goal is to make potential customers take action. A well-crafted persuasive speech can attract clients and generate sales.

Types of Public Speaking: Tips for Preparing a Persuasive Speech

This kind of speech is commonly used in sales and advertising. It’s designed to change the audience’s point of view or behavior. The first persuasion speeches date back to ancient times. Cicero, Aristotle, Quintilian and others were using persuasion techniques to make their speeches more powerful and convincing. This type of speech involves logos (logic), ethos (credibility), and pathos (emotion).

The first step to writing a persuasive speech is to determine your goals and organize your ideas into one to three major themes. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Who is your audience and what they expect from you?
• What are your goals and objectives?
• Why should people listen to you?
• What can you say to alleviate their concerns?
• What is the desired outcome?

Make sure you are familiar with the main types of public speaking. This will help you decision whether or not a persuasive speech is the right choice. Like any other presentation or TED talk, this kind of speech should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Establish your credibility by using statistics, facts, quotes, and scientific evidence. Discuss the alternatives to strengthen your claims. Summarize and prioritize your arguments.

Types of Public Speaking: How to Communicate Effectively

The more you know about the main types of public speaking, the higher are your chances of success. Persuasive speaking includes many elements associated with narrative and demonstration speeches. Thus, it’s important to master these aspects before you go on the stage. Your role as a public speaker is to convince the audience to agree with you and accept your solution. To achieve this, you have to identify their needs, suggest a plan, and explain why your solution is the best.

Do a quick search online to learn about the major types of public speaking. Craft a persuasive speech for your family and friends. Read out loud and request feedback. Do the same for other types of public speaking. The whole point is to gain confidence and hone your presentation skills.

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