"kings speech news"The film The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth as King George VI shone a light on the fears that the king had in making a public address, however an original draft of the famous speech has now been uncovered and shows that the King would have had up to nine days to prepare for his public speaking.

The Oscar winning film of The King’s Speech showed how King George IV overcame his speech impediment to be able to address the British nation about the start of the first world war.  The film showed just how difficult the King found it to be able to make a speech to so many people and how he managed to over come his fears of public speaking to be able to successfully make the address to the nation.

Now a forgotten draft of the real King’s Speech has been found with the date on the paper showing August 25, days before the speech was actually made on September 3, 1939.

In the film it was shown that there was very little time to prepare for the speech that needed to be made to the nation but in reality the king had considerably more time to be able to compose himself and practice the now famous speech.

In this first draft the speech begins “in this grave hour, perhaps the gravest in our history, I send to every household of my people this message, written with the same depth of feeling for each one of you as if I were able to cross your threshold and speak to you myself.”

Further into this first draft of the speech it talks of how Germany is acting as a bully and trying to dominate the rest of the world through force and that the people of Britain “are fighting for the principles of freedom and justice.”

However this original speech has notes in the margin which suggests that another version of the speech should be made  with particular attention needing to be paid to the length of the sentences in the speech which they believe should be shorter.

In the final version of the speech the sentences were cut down which would have made it easier for the King to be able to control his breathing and allow for a better delivery of the speech.

This new original version of the King’s Speech is now up for sale at the famous London auction house of Sotheby’s.

Dr Gabriel Heaton from Sotheby’s told The Mirror: “It brings life to a pivotal moment in British history.  You get a sense of the preparations and the struggle to find the right words to prepare the nation for the terrible fight that lay ahead.”

It is predicted that the speech will fetch as much as £4,000 at auction.

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