"The Gettysburg Address"The Gettysburg Address is one of the world’s most famous speeches. Using just 272 words, Abraham Lincoln has inspired millions of people to fight for equality and popular democracy. The 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s greatest speech took place this year on November 19th. President Barack Obama hand wrote an essay paying tribute to the inspirational Gettysburg Address. His essay has been posted on the White House website. The original speech was delivered during the American Civil War in 1863.

It’s no doubt that the Gettysburg Address has the power to change people’s lives. Touted as one of the most eloquent speeches ever made, it reminded people about the national ideals of liberty, freedom, and justice. Its essence can be summarized as the belief that all men are created equal. In only a few words, President Lincoln put together what everyone was already thinking.

The exact location and wording of the speech are disputed. There are five known copies of the Gettysburg Address and each has slightly different wording. It is believed that two copies were written before President Lincoln delivered his speech. The other three were created a few months later for soldier benefit events. The official version can be found at the Lincoln Room of the White House as well as on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

This world famous speech took only two minutes. Despite its short length, it managed to affirm Lincoln’s deep faith in human rights. A century and a half later, the meaning of his words is undiminished. The Gettysburg Address outlines the fact that slavery and the doctrine of states’ rights are not a solution to the nation’s problems. Experts believe that President Lincoln had been planning to talk about the struggle against slavery for some time. His efforts led to the abolition of slavery.

In his speech, Lincoln has clearly expressed his vision about equity and democracy. All people are equal regardless of color or social status. The President’s speech is an astonishing piece of writing. Although he claimed that “the world will little note” his words, he probably hoped that the speech will leave a mark on history.

The Gettysburg Address is considered the most important speech ever made by an American president. Even though Lincoln spoke for less than three minutes, his words have shaped lives. The speech was delivered after the most significant battle of the war, which increased its value and impact.

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