"thaddeus stevens public speech"Thaddeus Stevens public speech in defense of free public education took place on April 11, 1835. Described as a man of great personal integrity, Stevens was one of the leaders of the Radical Republican faction of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania. He was famous for his sarcastic wit. Modern historians praise Thaddeus Stevens for his commitment to racial equality and “small producer capitalism.” One of his speeches was made in opposition to the repeal of the common school law of 1834.

Thaddeus Stevens Public Speech Key Points

The state of Pennsylvania has adopted a system of free “common schools” in 1834. Its purpose was to replace the old system under which all students paid tuition except for poor children. In 1835, the Senate voted to repeal the new law and return to the old educational system. This is when Thaddeus Stevens gave his famous speech on the common school law.

Thaddeus Stevens public speech has gained him a reputation as a strong advocate for free public education. He has also made references to “equality of the races” and claimed that he could never acknowledge the right of slavery. Thaddeus Stevens public speech has great value from a historical point of view. It explains why education should be a public concern and why it’s a mistake to target public subsidies only on poor children.

In his speech, Stevens shows the audience why children should not be made to suffer for their parents’ mistakes. He also tries to explain why it makes sense to finance education to reduce crime. Thaddeus Stevens public speech supports early childhood education and encourages people to consider its long term benefits for the society. It also outlines how easy it is to protect the interests of the wealthy and how much work it takes to protect the interests of the poor.

Thaddeus Stevens Public Speech Has Been Highly Debated

Thaddeus Stevens public speech was quite unusual for that time. Maybe that’s why it had such a great impact. Stevens was loved by many, loathed by many more. His speeches have remained in history for their importance and cultural value. Thaddeus Stevens public speech quotes can be found in most history books as well as online.

If you wish to improve your presentation skills, read the most famous speeches made by Thaddeus Stevens. This great leader has tried to revolutionize Southern society and end slavery. Even though his opponents have charged him with bring vindictive and ironic, modern critics praise his attitude and political views.

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