Angelina Rodriguez

Angelina Rodriguez, San Francisco, CA

“Hi, my name is Angelina Rodriguez from San Francisco, CA. Before I downloaded the IMproSolutions program I use break out in red blotches all over my face and body at just the mere thought of speaking in public. I would use a lot of filler words like um, and uh and my hands would sweat profusely. After a week of practicing your methods my speech anxiety went away. My skin rashes had vanished and I became free from making the same public speaking mistakes. I no longer had feelings of losing control and I began to feel healthier and energetic. Thanks for giving me the results I was looking for! After completing the IMproSolutions program I now feel confident with my ability to make a great speech.

The part I loved about this public speaking course is that it is divided into various learning sections that include a video, workbook, and several e-books and audiobooks. It really helped my understanding of how to overcome my speaking fear and to be a better presenter. While watching the video, I paused and checked the part I wanted to review within the workbook, then I resumed the video. This method is amazingly effective for understanding in depth. Thank You!”

Jodi Monte

Jodi Monte, Toms River, NJ

“Hi, my name is Jodi Monte from Toms River, N.J. I am a school teacher and I am calling to let you know that Before I experienced the IMproSolutions program I was a bit skeptical. I tried many public speaking courses but I must say that your techniques and tips really work! I downloaded The Secrets of Successful Speech Making Instructional video and completed the 24-page Performance Workbook. It was extremely helpful. And I really enjoyed reading and listening to both books as well… pretty incredible bonuses I must say. At first I was terrified to speak in front of a classroom and I was also afraid of back to school night when I would speak in front of parents, but after downloading your public speaking course, I am no longer anxious or nervous about my presentations or my lesson plans.

In fact, I actually enjoy it! You have great energy, and thanks for coaching me and helping me to overcome my fear of public speaking. After following your step-by-step directions for several consecutive days I have become a fearless school teacher. I cannot thank you enough for your professional products and for the knowledge and expertise you share with fellow stage fright sufferers. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone wanting to increase their confidence and public speaking skills.”

Yuki Samukawa

Yuki Samukawa, Nagoya, Japan

“Hi, my name is Yuki Samukawa, and I am a Japanese exchange student studying in the United States. First of all, I want to say that you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity to improve your public speaking skills. In the University life, it is unavoidable to give a presentation in front of many audiences, and I am the kind of person who hates speaking in front of people. Every time I gave a presentation, I was really nervous, and my hands would shake uncontrollably. When my professor saw my nervousness, she recommended for me to purchase this online presentation skills training course.

I downloaded the program immediately with no doubt because I trusted my professor, and I’ve really wanted to overcome my public speaking fear ever since I was a child. The contents, in my opinion, is easy to understand yet practical and critical. That means that the presentation skills course really focuses on what I can practice on a daily basis, and the sophisticated techniques and information increased my confidence and performance skills.”

Lindsay Walker

Lindsay Walker, Geneva, Switzerland

“Hi, my name is Lindsay Walker from Geneva, Switzerland. Before I discovered the IMproSolutions program, I would tremble at the thought of speaking in public. After downloading the IMproSolutions video and completing the performance workbook, I felt energized and ready to give my speech. The exercises increased my confidence and helped me to relax. I began to see results within just a few short hours and my co-workers noticed a big difference at my next sales meeting where I had to stand up and deliver my speech. Thanks to Scott’s easy going approach, I no longer tremble with stage fright and I feel great. I really learned a lot from the bonus audiobooks too- I highly recommend this program to all public speaking fear sufferers. Thanks Scott!”

Brian Charette

Brian Charrette, Santa Barbara, CA

“Hi, my name is Brian Charrette from Santa Barbara, CA. Prior to purchasing and downloading The Secrets of Successful Speech Making system, I was nervous and uncomfortable with conducting interviews and realized that I’d never get a second chance. I emailed public speaking expert Scott Topper about his workbook and completed it in about one hour. I realized how incorporating breathing, relaxing, and visualization into my daily routine can help improve my presentation skills. That also feels good. Shortly after completing his program I had another very important technology interview. This was my final interview, and I sat back and took control of the interview, and put all my fear and butterflies aside. This new skill set is invaluable. I owe it to you and it continues to help me out every day. Thanks Scott!”

Sales Elite

Sales Elite, Los Angeles, CA

“I would highly recommend this public speaking course to anyone in Sales as it has increased my revenue since utilizing the persuasive speaking tips provided.”

Thomas G Frawley

Thomas G. Frawley, Lecturer of Agribusiness
Cal Poly State University

“I am very pleased with the results of this technique. As a lecturer, I give this program my highest recommendation!”

Jennifer Cho

Jennifer Cho, JKY Consulting
Miami, Florida

“As a direct result of applying IMproSolutions™ to my daily routine, I have accomplished more measurable results within the last 30 days than ever before! My sales have increased tremendously and I am more comfortable interacting with the audience during my PowerPoint presentations!”

Brian Marx

Brian Marx, CEO BL Fitness
Seattle, Washington

“IMproSolutions improved my public speaking technique, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to strengthen their public speaking skills.”

Spencer Barnitz

Spencer Barnitz, Vocalist, Spencer The Gardener
Santa Barbara, California

“This video seminar and workbook really helped me to think fast on my feet and trust my instincts on stage. A must have for singers and performers alike!”

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IMproSolutions™ realizes that becoming a better presenter takes time and practice. Our method, explained in our videos, workbooks, books, and eBooks, is effective for anyone who trembles at the thought of speaking in public. Our course is fun, simple, and highly-effective. IMproSolutions™ programs have directly impacted the lives of nearly 200,000 people around the world. IMpro

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If you are looking for results to your public speaking challenges, than you have found the right program to sharpen your skills and improve your performance and confidence. Let’s face facts, EVERYONE at one point in their lives will be called upon to make a speech.