"ted cruz speech"Ted Cruz speech against Obamacare has last 21 hours, 19 minutes and 7 seconds. This was one of the longest speeches ever made. For most Americans, Tez Cruz speech was a good way to make a point. Others have called it an unnecessary political stunt. The Senator started speaking at 2:41 p.m. EST Tuesday on September 24, 2013. He ended his speech 21 hours later.

Ted Cruz Speech Was Intended to Save America from Obamacare

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is a member of the Republican Party and the Senator for the state of Texas. His speeches and political remarks have turned him into one of the most controversial public figures in America. Some see him as hero, while others accuse him of behaving like a schoolyard bully. The Senator has graduated Harvard Law School and held numerous positions in the U.S. government.

His marathon speech was intended against the Affordable Care Act. The Senator Claims that this new law is hurting Americans all over the country. In his speech, he answered questions by 10 other senators, including Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Ted Cruz speech was the fourth-longest speech in Senate history. Its main goal was to force the government to drop the healthcare law.

Mr. Cruz raised a lot of controversy through his speech. At some point, he quoted from Green Eggs and Ham, the children’s book by Dr Seuss, to keep the clock ticking. He even talked about a speech Ashton Kutcher gave. Ted Cruz speech took place without the support of the Republicans. In the end, the Senator received a round of applause from his audience. This shows that his words were well received by the public. In the next few days, Ted Cruz speech was on every newspaper and TV station in the country.

Ted Cruz Speech Made History

Considered one of the longest public speeches in history, Ted Cruz speech included long monologues as well as controversial replies to the audience’s questions. The Senator mentioned the Founding Fathers, Dark Vader, Ashton Kutcher and other characters and stories that apparently have no connection with Obamacare. He has even quoted from the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

One thing is for sure: Ted Cruz speech was interesting to watch. If you’re just getting started in public speaking or want to gain a new perspective on life and politics, it’s worth seeing this epic speech. It’s entertaining, informative, and unique. Anyone can learn something new from this speech.

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