Improve your public speaking skills!
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Track 1
About the Book
Track 2
Choose Your Audience and Choose Your Location
Track 3
Top 10 Tips to Help You Become a Better Presenter
Track 4
Challenge Yourself to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
Track 5
Relaxation and Vocal Preparation Techniques
Track 6
The Science of Confidence
Track 7
You Speak What You Eat
Track 8
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Track 9
A Quick Overview of Public-Speaking Concepts
Improve your public-speaking skills!

Achieve your goal of becoming a better presenter by learning powerful public-speaking techniques and by practicing vocal warm-up exercises that encourage physical and mental relaxation. These highly effective tips and suggestions are now available as both an MP3 download and compact disc. “Public-Speaking Basics” audiobook is ideal for group training, as well as for individuals who want to develop their public-speaking skills during commuting time. In any profession, one of the best indicators of success is how often an individual is asked to speak. Higher salaries are usually awarded to those who are asked to deliver compelling speeches more frequently. Isn’t it worth investing time toward improving your public-speaking skills?

IMproSolutions™ helps you learn to deal with your fears directly by empowering you with the right tools so you can feel secure in front of an audience. Topics include choosing your audience and your location, challenging yourself to overcome your fear of public speaking, relaxation and vocal preparation techniques, increasing your confidence, non-verbal communication tools, and food choices that effect overall quality of your presentation. This bestselling book is narrated by the author, three-time Emmy-nominated television show host Scott Topper. He provides a compelling narrative as he describes the basics of public-speaking. The audiobook has an approximate running time of fifty three minutes. Great for students, professionals, and business people!

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