"statistics on fear of public speaking"Statistics on fear of public speaking are overwhelming. It is estimated that 20 to 85 percent of people suffer from speech anxiety. Many of those who speak for a living, including politicians, businessmen, actors, and comedians are dealing with this issue. If you search for statistics on fear of public speaking, you’ll see that this is people’s number one fear. Death is number two. So what causes this fear? Is there any explanation for speech anxiety?

Statistics on Fear of Public Speaking: Facts and Figures

People fear giving a speech in front of an audience more than they fear death, disease, heights, flying, terrorism, snakes, and spiders. Actors and celebrities are dealing with this phobia too. Fir example, Sir Lawrence Olivier suffered from intense stage fright. The fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia.

Men and women are equally affected. However, there are more men than women who seek professional help. Public speakers often use hypnosis and beta blockers to get rid of stress before making a speech. Psychologists claim that public speaking fear starts in childhood or early adolescence. As people age, they become more anxious. The only way to overcome this fear is to practice and focus on improving your self confidence.

The statistics on fear of public speaking show that billions of people from all around the world experience speech anxiety. The worst part is that, in most cases, this fear has no obvious reason. Those who are dealing with this problem say they are concerned they’ll make a mistake or look “stupid” to others. Some claim they feel bad because of their lack of experience in public speaking. In general, people who suffer from public speaking fear believe that they have to be brilliant or perfect to succeed.

Statistics on Fear of Public Speaking: What Causes Speech Anxiety?

There is no known cause of public speaking fear. One of the most common reasons people go blank during a speech is because anxiety makes it so hard to focus. Stress can interfere with your ability to concentrate and remember things. Other causes of speech anxiety include tiredness, over-awareness, muscle tension, overactive thoughts, and certain medications.

If you check out the statistics on fear of public speaking, you’ll notice that this phobia may also be caused by lack of preparation, unfamiliar surroundings, and fear of failure. Viewing a speech as a performance can trigger stress and anxiety. A closer look at the statistics on fear of public speaking should help you understand the root causes of your problem. Once you know what triggers your fear, you can find a solution.

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