In many of today’s top presentation skills training courses, students learn more about how they can communicate their messages more effectively through improvisation and organization.

However, another factor to think about that plays a large role in someone’s speaking skill is the harmony between body and mind. This is an essential part of the best presentation skills courses that should not be overlooked. The following are ten ways to use your physicality to improve your speech.

1. Use daily physical fitness as part of your preparation. Staying fit can improve your muscle tone, confidence, and ability to concentrate.

2. Learn how to breathe. A great speaking skill is learning how to breathe from the diaphragm, rather than from the upper part of the chest. This will improve vocal tone and pitch, while at the same time giving you more oxygen to boost brain power.

3. Make use of visualization techniques. Courses in public speaking will teach you how to start mentally visualizing your speech going well. If you are afraid of public speaking, this is an extremely valuable skill to learn.

4. Practice facial exercises. Similar to singing exercises, if you stretch your face before you practice speaking, this speaking skill will help you warm up.

5. Use your full vocal range. Rather than rushing your speech or speaking in a monotone, as many people tend to do when they are nervous, it can be helpful to draw deep within your belly for more powerful vocal capabilities.

6. Maintain a positive attitude through smiling. Studies show that if you smile, even if you don’t mean it at first, this will improve your overall outlook. That is important to remember if you are feeling tense during a public speech.

7. Be aware of your growing sense of confidence. As you progress with your personal journey to improve your speaking skill, take pride in how much you have progressed.

8. Go to a relaxed place before your speech. A good speaking skill is to know a quick relaxation method that you can engage in just prior to your speech.

9. Utilize meditation techniques. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and spend at least 30 minutes not thinking about your speech before you are due to go up in front of people.

10. Reward yourself when the presentation is over. No matter how you prefer to unwind, take some time after the speech to go over what you have just accomplished and give yourself a treat.

These tips to help bridge the gap between body and mind when speaking or giving presentations are covered in the courses available for download at Effective speaking skill tips can help make all the difference in personal confidence, helping even those with a serious phobia of public speaking overcome their fears.

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