Two students are seated in their own chairs facing each other and exchange information. Communicating with other people is the key to your personal and professional development. This is an active, student-centered learning and team building improvisational exercise. One of the first rules of improv is called, “Yes, and.” In order to advance a scene or a conversation, it’s important to never deny the offered information from your partner, but rather, to accept that information as being true and build on your partner’s suggested phrase. In other words, always repeat what your partner says to you, then say, “Yes, and that means,” and then state what that means to you! Never deny or say No to your partner. This exercise enhances the development of critical thinking and multiple intelligences. Always accept, yes and, and add new information to keep the story interesting. Through a series of interactive improvisational based games and exercises, IMproSolutions teaches effective communication skills to help with creative problem solving, collaboration, and listening. The goal is to not think about your response until it is your time to add information and stay truthful by listening and remaining in the moment. This encourages spontaneity and creativity for better communication in both the workplace and at home.