"speech made by boy with stammer"Making  speech to a room full of people can be a daunting task for anyone but when you suffer from a speech impediment, such as a stammer,  the thought of making any speech at all is one that seems impossible.  But for one schoolboy, the dedication of one teacher and some top tips from an award winning film enabled him to make a speech to classmates which saw him overcoming his stammer and moving many to tears.

Sixteen year old Musharaf Asghar appeared on the Channel Four documentary Educating Yorkshire which followed the ups and downs of pupils at the Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury near to Leeds.

Musharaf Asghar became the star of the show when he gave a speech as part of his GCSE English Oral examination for around ten minutes, he then used the same techniques to be able to give a speech to more than 200 people during his final school assembly which led to the pupils and staff giving a standing ovation.

English teacher Matthew Burton was the teacher behind the transformation of Musharaf Asghar.  Musharaf Asghar used to struggle so badly with his speech that he was often unable to make himself understood at school and was the focus of many jokes and taunting because of his stammer and inability to speak clearly.

Matthew Burton used a skill seen on the Oscar winning film The King’s Speech to be able to help Musharaf Asghar with his speaking without a stammer.

The teenager would wear headphones while speaking with music playing in the background which helped him to be able to control his stammer to the point where he was able to make a speech to his class.

With the help of his teachers Musharaf Asghar has said that his speech has now improved by about 80 percent in comparison to how it was before the techniques were put into place.

Teacher Matthew Burton has kept away from the limelight following the show being broadcast but he has said that he is delighted by the progress his former pupil has made since having his help.

He said how he borrowed the DVD of the King’s Speech from his brother and decided that he would give it a try to see if it could possibly help Musharaf Asghar.

“It gave him a real confidence boost which he really needed.  I won’t forget that moment for the rest of my life.  He is such a high quality young man, he has a wide circle of friends and is well respected.  I’m delighted for him”, said Matthew Burton.




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