"Rudy Giuliani speech"Rudy Giuliani speech on freedom explains the true meaning of this concept and its implications. “America’s Mayor” and former mayor of New York, Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani has raised many controversies in the past decade. His bold statements were both criticized and praised. In one of his speeches, Rudy Giuliani states that freedom is about authority and that most people only see the oppressive side of authority.

Rudy Giuliani Speech Explains the Meaning of Freedom

The 107th Mayor of New York City is one of the most controversial personalities in the U.S. Rudy Giuliani speech on freedom, which took place in 1994, has long been criticized by citizens and politicians alike. Others have supported him and agreed with his statements. Some claim that there’s nothing wrong with what Giuliani says in his speech when taken in its total context.

Rudy Giuliani speech was about crime in the cities and how society has changed in the past years. The Mayor has expressed his opinion on law and authority, saying that freedom is all about individual responsibility. He also stated that free people can not be anything they can be and do anything they want. With freedom comes responsibility. Rudy Giuliani speech took place in his first year as mayor and was sponsored by The New York Times. His controversial statements have been twisted in every possible way and kept him on the front page of newspapers for years.

Rudy Giuliani Speech Raises Controversy

The Mayor has said many things that raised controversy within the American society. He claims that people look upon authority too often and that law enforcement should get as organized as organized crime. Rudy Giuliani speech has engaged the audience and changed their opinions on crime, freedom and other concepts.

Giuliani has often used rhetoric to keep people’s interest alive and connect with them at a personal level. He employs ethos to project a “humanly” connection with his audience and outline his key points. If you watch him speaking in public, you’ll see that he uses repetitions and rhetorical questions to get his message across and make his words memorable. His use of repetition, ethos, and rhetorical questions help reinforce his message and entice people into taking action.

If you want to improve your public speaking skills and become more persuasive, Giuliani’s speeches are a good start. Watch them and analyze their content before creating your own speeches.

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