"rich-franklin-speech-news"UFC fighter Rich Franklin would be the first to admit that he is more comfortable exchanging punches than pearls of wisdom during a motivational speech but he took to the stage and surprised everyone, including himself, as he conquered his public speaking fear during a TED talk speech.

Rich Franklin told Fox Sports that in the past when he has had to make a speech he usually just tries to ad lib the entire speech but the TED talk was different this time because he needed to fill between 15 and 18 minutes and even the most confident of public speakers would find that difficult to do without any preparation.

What made the speech really stand out was that despite Rich Franklin being a champion in his sport he chose instead to talk about failure and how to lose and during his acclaimed speech he spoke about his losses in his career and how he managed to bounce back from them.

When he accepted the invitation to do a TED talk he knew he had to do something a little bit special and wanted to surprise people with his choice of topic.  he told Fox Sports: “The spin is that losing in life is inevitable.  At some point it’s going to happen to you.  You need to have the tools necessary to come back from that…The speech isn’t necessarily about losing as it is about getting on the winning side of things after you lose.”

The choice of Rich Franklin as a speaker at the TED talks was an interesting one because in the past it has been the domain of academics, business leaders and politicians but it shows that great speakers can come from all walks of life and if they prepare then they too can be up there with the great public speakers around.

Although he admitted to not enjoying public speaking and he had even asked for a timer on the screen so he would know when he should be wrapping up the speech (although this never actually happened in the end), Rich Franklin had to admit that the experience was actually a positive one.

He concluded in his interview with Fox Sports: “I almost can’t even bring myself to say these words, but I’m probably going to be doing more of these in the future”.

Being nervous about giving a speech is nothing out of the ordinary but Rich Franklin showed that if you find a great topic and speak passionately about it then you too can beat your public speaking fear.

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