"Randy Pausch Speech"Randy Pausch speech has gained major media coverage and made the world stop for a moment. The Last Lecture, also known as “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” is one of the most powerful, moving and enjoyable speeches of our times. This presentation was delivered by Dr. Randy Pausch, Professor of Computer Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His words have made the audience laugh, cry, and cherish life.

Randy Pausch Speech Can Change Your Life

The Last Lecture reflects Randy’s dedication to making the world a better place. The Professor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2006. A few months later, he had his tumor removed, but the cancer has recurred in 2007. Dr. Pausch was given three to six months of life expectancy. What sets this story apart is the way in which Randy faced his impending death. His speech was about the learned he learned throughout the years and how they affected his life.

Randy Pausch speech took place on September 18, 2007. With over 16.5 million views on YouTube, it’s one of the most popular and inspiring speeches ever made. In his last lecture, Dr. Pausch speaks about goal setting, loyalty, life challenges, success, fun and other topics. He claims that the brick walls are there to give people a chance to show how badly they want something. They are not there to keep people out. The Professor compares life with a poker game, saying that “We cannot change the hand we are dealt, just the way we play the hand.”

If you listen to Randy Pausch speech, you’ll soon realize that the lecture wasn’t about cancer or death, but about doing the things you always wanted to do and achieving your childhood dreams. The Professor has talked about his own childhood dreams, such as being Captain Kirk, authoring an article in the World Book of Encyclopedia, and being in zero gravity. In his speech, he claimed that the karma will take care of itself if you lead your life the right way.

Randy Pausch Speech Teaches Important Life Lessons

Randy Pausch speech was dedicated to his children, but the lessons to be learned from this talk are universal. The Professor ended his lecture with words of wisdom. He told his students to stop complaining and work harder, to show gratitude, and to never give up.

Anyone can learn something from Randy Pausch speech. The Last Lecture teaches people that loyalty is a two-way street and that they should fight for their dreams. Dr. Pausch passed away in 2008, but his words continue to inspire millions of people worldwide.

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