"quotes in public speaking"Using quotes in your speech is a great way to draw people’s attention and increase your credibility. Quotes can add strength to your message and highlight your key points. You can use them anytime during your presentation. For maximum impact, open your speech with a quote. Whether you’re speaking about art, business, fashion trends, technology, or education, you can use this strategy for adding depth and credibility to your speech. This will help you break the ice and enhance your audience.

If you decide to include quotes in your speech, it’s important to consider a few things. After all, you want to use them in the most valuable way possible to make your presentation interesting and engaging. The type of speech as well as your message and goals will determine the quotations used. Keep them short and relevant. Don’t build your speech out of quotations. Make sure the connection is obvious. Use quotes to outline your message, not as the substance of your speech.

Many speakers overuse quotes. Some believe that this makes the speech easier to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you use too many quotes or too much third party material, your audience will get bored and tired. Every time you make a speech, you have a unique opportunity to share your stories, your knowledge, and your thoughts. Why use someone else’s ideas instead of yours? The audience wants to hear your opinion. Don’t be afraid to say what you think and craft a speech that reflects your vision. Do not use more than two or three quotes during your presentation. Make sure you tell people what the quote means to you.

When used properly, quotes can illustrate or support a speaker’s ideas. They can also set the tone for the speech. You should always state the source. Don’t pretend that those are your own words. Quote from famous people, including celebrities, successful business owners, famous book authors and more. Even if the person you are quoting wasn’t an expert on the subject, his fans will listen more closely. This is also a great to make your speech more credible.

Quotes can add humor to your presentation, strengthen your message, and keep people engaged. They typically offer a concise, memorable phrasing of an idea. The key is to be creative and use relevant quotes that clearly reflect your message. Don’t fill up your speech with standard quotes that everybody knows. Be original and come up with something new and interesting.

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