"bill clinton speech news"A few months ago it was reported that public speaking was one of the most feared things by women, higher than even being buried alive, so it should come as no surprise that professional public speakers should command some impressive pay packets.

Recent news revealed that the former President of the USA, Bill Clinton, can command up to $200,000 for talking for just an hour or so while many other less high profile professionals can expect to see earnings of around $1,500 per engagement.

The exceptionally high price that people are willing to pay to hear an engaging, high profile and interesting speaker has been highlighted by the case of Bill Clinton.

It was found by CNN who did a financial analysis based on statements filed by his wife Hilary Clinton, that Bill gave a total of 54 speeches with the payment for this amounting to a massive $13.4 million in a single year – not bad for standing up and saying a few words!

But it is not just Bill Clinton who has been found to be making big money from public speaking and speech making duties.  According to the NY Times  there are many others who can command a payment for a speech of more that $100,000.

Some of these very highly paid speech makers include Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore, Richard Branson, Sarah Palin and Rudolph Giuliani.  The list itself shows the diversity of speakers and their talents but that all have interesting topics to talk about and usually with great passion that makes them a stand out as a public speaker.

While it is unlikely that anyone is going to be able to make that much money for a single speech without being very famous in the first place for something other than speech making, it is not to say that speech makers do not make any money in the real world.

According to a report by the NY Times an increasing number of people are being employed at meetings and trade shows in this very role and this number is expected to rise in the future.

Public speaking and making a speech in front of anyone from friends and family to co workers and bosses, may still be one thing most feared by people but if you wok at your skills and develop your talents you never know, not only may you see your career develop further and faster than before, a new career as a very well paid public speaker may be on the horizon in the future.

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