Taking the plunge to overcome public speaking fear can be an intimidating prospect in itself. If you are going to be giving public speaking presentations, but are terrified of speaking, you can take a few of the following tips to make your experience run more smoothly.

The difference between a powerful speaker and one that is incoherent is often just a matter of confidence.

1. Start preparing the night before. Get a good night of rest, and try to clear your mind from any negative thoughts that are clouding it. Practicing your speech before bed is a good idea, but take another thirty minutes of not thinking about your speech before you sleep.

2. Practice breathing exercises. One of the easiest ways to improve your confidence is to take deep breaths before and during your speech. Oftentimes, public speaking presentations suffer from a nervous speaker’s rapid delivery. Breathing can help prevent this.

3. Make your speech fun. Add jokes if they seem appropriate. Using humor is a good way to alleviate tension and soothe your public speaking fears.

4. Preparation is everything. Taking speaking courses, practicing your speech, and spending time researching hard facts can make or break your public speaking presentations.

5. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Although it’s a good idea to feel confident with the material that you have prepared, if you feel comfortable improvising this can improve your presentation.

6. Choose a subject that you are passionate about. Speakers that are able to give a presentation about topics they care about are more enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun to watch.

7. Practice in front of a live audience. Before you go up for your official public speaking presentations, a quick run-through with your friends or family can help you ease stress and start to feel comfortable with audiences.

8. Discover your personal theme song. If there is a tune that gets you pumped up and confident, play it while you are preparing to go up for your presentation.

9. Practice visualization exercises. If you have it in your mind that you are going to be successful with your public speaking presentations, then you probably will be.

10. Reward yourself when it’s all over. After all the hard work and preparation that you have put into your speech, you deserve a pat on the back or a more tangible reward, such as a celebration with friends, when you have finished.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that your public speaking presentations will improve in quality. Obtaining as many professional hints and helping insights as possible will only grow your speaking ability over time, so it is worthwhile checking out sites such as   http://www.IMproSolutions.com that offer the full speaking package.

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