"public speaking for shy people"Many people claim they can’t get in front of a group and speak because they are shy. A certain degree of anxiety is nearly universal, regardless of verbal fluency or experience. However, this doesn’t mean that your fear of public speaking should stop you from achieving your goals and building a successful career. Few people are natural speakers. With practice, you can develop presentation skills and overcome social shyness.

Public speaking fear affects interpersonal relationships in both business and personal lives. Let’s face it – in today’s world there are times when you must speak out and loud. Shyness is not an excuse for avoiding social situations. An intelligent, dedicated individual may find himself passed up for promotions because he is afraid of speaking in public. The truth is that almost anyone can become a good public speaker. All you need is a sense of balance and some initial courage,

First of all, choose a topic you’re interested in. Use conversational language, personal stories, and humor to convey your message. Organize your ideas logically. Include facts, quotations, and statistics. These elements will support your statements and increase your credibility. Avoid clichés and adjust your notes to the actual situation. Make sure your speech flows naturally. Practice it out loud. If you know your speech well, it will be easier for you to make eye contact, answer questions, and throw in a joke.

Try to engage with your audience. If you don’t know where to start from, ask questions targeted to groups or individuals, and encourage people to express their thoughts. Remove “um” from your vocabulary. When you are asked a question, take a few seconds to think about what you want to say. Choose your words carefully. Never use technical words and complex phrases if an everyday example exists.

The best thing about public speaking is that no matter how you feel on the inside, you can use verbal and non-verbal communication to appear confident and knowledgeable. How you feel is not how you look. Everyone feel nervous before having a speech – it’s a normal reaction. Nothing can happen that’s unrecoverable.

Most people won’t even notice your fumbling moments. If you forget your point or lose your place, keep going or improvise. Don’t panic if someone disagrees with you. Encourage people to come up with additional interpretations of the topic. This is a great way to engage your audience and make your speech memorable.

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