Getting up in front of a crowd to speak is one of the most common fears that people experience.

If you feel like others are judging you, or draw a blank as soon as you open your mouth, you are not alone. However, to get over public speaking fears it’s best to remember that you are your own worst critic, and start practicing ways to boost your confidence.

1. Practice vocal warm-up exercises. With a range of exercises designed to strengthen the tone and volume of your voice, you can speak more effectively.

2. Mental exercises can help build confidence. It’s a good idea to visualize how your speech will go in advance, and mentally prepare yourself to overcome any public speaking fears ahead of time.

3. Choose your audience and location carefully. When you are just starting out, the best way to overcome public speaking fears is to just throw yourself in there. If you practice in front of friends at first, in a location that you are comfortable in, this will help you move on with your speaking goals.

4. Challenge yourself by overcoming public speaking fear. Give yourself a set goal or challenge, and take pleasure in the positive steps to overcome your fear.

5. Learn more about non-verbal communication. Your body language and hand gestures can say a lot about you. Take courses that will help you get your message across without saying a word.

6. Devote time each day to speech preparation. Even if you only run through your speech once every evening, this practice will make it second nature to you when the big day comes.

7. Join speaking courses for support. Practicing with others can help you get over your public speaking fears.

8. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your speech. Choose a topic that you feel strongly about or have an interest in, and tell anecdotes or use humor that will draw the audience in and fire up your personal enthusiasm.

9. Spin criticism in a positive way. Accepting that everyone makes mistakes can go a long way to overcoming public speaking fears. You could watch videos of famous speech-givers when they first started out, and notice that all novice speakers make similar mistakes.

10. Work in a team. If you have to give public speaking presentations for work, for example, you should use the potential to speak jointly with others. This could help give you greater confidence in eventually speaking on your own.

For more tips and solutions to public speaking fears and issues, many people turn to the advice of public speaking experts at Taking a public speaking course is a good way to get ahead.

Public Speaking Fears

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