Public Speaking Course to Improve Speaking Skills-Secrets 101: DVD & Workbook-Presentation Skills Training with Public Speaking Tips

Presentation Skills Training Public Speaking Course DVD-Workbook for Results Now
IMproSolutionsTM featuring 3 Time Emmy Nominated TV Show Host Scott Topper.

INTERACTIVE SPEAKING SERIES 60 Minute Instructional DVD plus a 24-Page Performance Workbook. Made in the USA #1 Recommended Public Speaking DVD.
This DVD & 24-Page Workbook was created specifically to help people who…
-Experience nervousness speaking in public.
-Need help right away for an upcoming speaking engagement.
-Don’t want to become embarrassed making a speech in front of a crowd.
-Want to learn how to speak in public in just a few short days.
-No longer want to freeze up during job interviews.
-Seeking a quick and easy way to gain confidence and conquer fear.

*Rated Beginner to Intermediate: Oral Communication and Public Speaking Training.
This is a multi-media home study public speaking dvd training course created to improve speaking skills. The Secrets of Successful Speech Making DVD and workbook were designed for a first time presenter. You will learn quickly and easily and can apply public speaking expert Scott Topper’s methods with a little patience and practice.

This workbook and DVD will help you to overcome your fear of public speaking. Your presentations will improve, your confidence level will rise, and your audience will enjoy listening to what you have to say. Review the workbook and watch the DVD as many times as you want before making your next speech. Discover proven techniques for improving your presentation skills and develop the tools you need to deliver a powerful speech.

Progress to the next level by learning how to deliver even more effective, successful presentations. Whether you are looking to overcome public speaking fear, or increase your speaking skill at public speaking events, this is one of the only presentation skills training courses designed specifically to transform you into a confident, all-star presenter. Learn Business Presentation Skills Today!

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat presentation skills course!
By Katie Lang on July 8, 2013
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
This program taught me how to relax when giving my presentations and job interviews. This course provides you with helpful exercises, and easy to apply public speaking information. The workbook and DVD really helped me to improve my business conversation skills and included great tips on public speaking. Not the generic, “just imagine the crowd in their underwear”.

Thanks Scott for all of your help! You really know your stuff!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome product! I highly recommend it!!
By Sydney on August 8, 2013
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
Public speaking has never been my thing, quite frankly it scares me to death! I am the type of person that experiences a great deal of anxiety prior to a presentation or business meeting but with the help of this DVD and workbook I feel SO much more confident! I was recently hired for a position that requires a great deal of time in front of an audience and I now feel as though I have obtained the skills and knowledge to better represent myself and my team. After my last public speaking engagement a co-worker came up to me expressing what I great job I did and how she struggles with communicating her ideas in front of a group. I talked with her about my recent purchase and now she is going to buy this awesome product as well!!

By Slicktheman on July 17, 2013
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
I was looking for a public speaking course to help me to
increase my presentation skills and confidence and to help me
build my business through speaking. Public
speaking has always been a challenge for me but this public speaking training
has exceeded my expectations. Within the workbook and DVD were useful and practical public speaking tips that really
helped me with my presentations. Thanks to this easy to understand system I no longer have fear of public speaking and I
am excited to stand up in front of a group and make a speech with
confidence. Now I really enjoy public speaking and I am looking forward to doing it again!

5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful for everyone!
By Butterflye on January 28, 2013
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
I found this DVD – workbook combo to be an excellent investment. I liked having the hard copy workbook in addition to the DVD because I learn better when I can watch and also read the tips. The exercises are clearly demonstrated and offer lots of ways to master public speaking. I don’t speak professionally but do interact with many different people in my career as a graduate advisor at a major university. Being able to communicate well allows me to do my job better, and this tutorial has improved my abilities beyond my expectations! I highly recommend it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Valuable Resource!
By Jesse Armann on February 20, 2013
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
The combination of the Workbook & the 1 hour DVD worked perfectly for me to create a wonderful public speaking course that I was able to study for on my own time. It really gave me the tools and confidence I needed to be able to make more efficient and comprehensive presentations at work. The workbook and DVD together is an excellent source for the first time presenter.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best product Ever! Helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking.
By Tina Perez on December 26, 2012
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
This dvd and workbook really helped me to improve my speaking skills. I learned how to speak in public with confidence at work. This product has a twenty four page workbook and a one hour dvd so I could stop and start and learn at my own pace. Thanks so much.

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