"blogging in public speaking"Have you ever thought about promoting your public speaking business through blogging? This is one of the best and most affordable ways to gain exposure. Even if you can’t afford to do any marketing, you can promote your skills online. Well-established speakers make tens of thousands of dollars a month. However, those who are just starting out in this field need to build credibility and trust. The more you promote yourself, the higher are your chances to land more speaking gigs.

The Benefits of Blogging for Public Speaking

Starting a blog is a great way to make a name for yourself and get in touch with potential clients. As a result, you will land higher paying gigs and make more money. Unlike other forms of advertising, blogging is free. Anyone can set up a blog, write content, and promote services online. Everyone is blogging nowadays, so you should do it too. Even if you’re an established speaker, you can still benefit from blogging.

The public speaking blogosphere provides encouragement to current and future bloggers and helps companies discover the best speakers. It also offers valuable information to those who are interested in public speaking. Some blogs focus on personal development and body language, while others are packed with articles about speech preparation. If you start a blog and write content a few times a week, people will notice your work. Over time, you can build your own network and earn more money at public speaking events.

Set Up a Blog and Start Writing

Anyone can start a public speaking blog in a few easy steps. You can buy your own domain name or use a free platform like WordPress or Blogger. Choose a pre-made template, customize your blog, and write your first post. Create a separate page for your bio. Provide information about yourself, including your educational and professional background. Give people a reason to choose you over other speakers. Market your skills and show readers how great you are.

Write fresh content at least two times a week. Don’t copy and paste from other sites and blogs; use your own words! You can talk about public speaking in general, share your own experiences, or approach certain aspects of this job. Encourage readers to connect with you on social networks. Every time you write a new post, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let people know that you’re available for public speaking gigs. Advertise your services in the same way you would do with any other job.

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