"prince william speech"Prince William is known for his refined speech making after years of public speaking to various different audiences and his latest speech, made at Tusk Conservation Awards, saw him opening up a little more about his hopes for the future of his newly born son George.

Both Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the awards with this being the first official engagement for the Duchess of Cambridge after giving birth to Prince George earlier in the year.

Prince William began his speech well with thanks to the organisation for the invitation and then made it clear that both he and his wife hold the plight of African Conservation very seriously.  He said: “It is a genuine pleasure for Catherine and I to be here tonight…to support a cause that has never been closer to our hearts than it is right now.”

The Prince then continued: “As you might have gathered, Catherine and I have recently become proud parents – of a baby who has a voice to match any lion’s roar! This is actually our first evening out without him, so please excuse us if you see us nervously casting surreptitious glances at our mobile phones to check all is well back home.

“Like any new parents, our thoughts inevitably turn to the world that our child will inherit. It is unfathomable to imagine a world in which children who have been born in the past couple of months may grow up in a world in which rhinoceros have ceased to live in the wild. That disturbing fact is not a scare tactic which conservationists use – it is a genuine possibility, ladies and gentlemen– and not just for rhinos.”

He made the case of conservation in Africa very personal when he added a mention of his “dear George”.

“The possibility of extinction is bad enough for one of our children growing up here in the West, who will never experience the magic of seeing a rhino on a new television documentary; or even for my own dear George, who Catherine and I very much hope to introduce to east Africa – a place we know and love – in the fullness of time.”

Prince William has recently announced that he will be retiring from his duties with the RAF where he has been working as a search and rescue helicopter pilot and he will now turn his attentions towards his royal duties fully.

A large part of his work in the public eye is giving speeches in front of crowds and audiences of varying sizes and many will be hoping that in the future he will be making more references to his family during these public speaking engagements.



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