"steve lonegan speech"Politician Steve Lonegan has been slatted in the media for his actions during a concession speech he made which saw him appearing to brush off his wife, however the politician has explained that he was not being a bad loser during the speech but is in fact blind and this was why he made the strange gesture.

Steve Lonegan made a speech last week after he found out he had lost his race to take the New Jersey Senate seat.  The Newark mayor Cory Booker ended up taking the seat but in true political style Steve Lonegan was require to make a concession speech.

The concession speech for any politician has to be one of the most difficult speeches to successfully get the right tone and reaction but this speech was overshadowed by the fact that at one point the wife of Steve Lonegan, Lorraine, put her hand on his shoulder and he appeared to brush it off.

The action was seen by many as him being a sore loser during the speech but his wife Lorraine has spoken out in his defense during an interview with NJ.com.

Lorraine Lonegan said that the actions of her husband during the speech had been taken the wrong way by the media .  She said her husband, who is registered as being blind, simply thought she was a aide who was trying to usher him off the stage during his speech.

She said: “All throughout this campaign we have been assisting him with different hand signals and we were assisting him greatly during the concession speech.

“He felt it could have been one of the campaign staffers telling him which way to move and he was already there (at the podium) so he brushed it away.”

She added that this reaction to her husband during his speech was down to respect and referred to the children she teaches in her pre school class: “I try to teach them to be kind to each other and to respect each other and this feels like a bullying tactic against someone with a disability.”

While the Steve Lonegan speech will forever be known for s simple hand movement, the actual content of the speech was found to be largely positive in its content with Steve Lonegan thanking his supporters and wishing Cory Booker luck in his new role.

He said: “I am hoping God will be with him in the decisions he makes as he goes into the U.S Senate in Washington D.C.”

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