It’s natural to feel intimidated by the prospect of getting up in front of strangers to deliver a speech.

However, with the following methods, you can start to overcome this and reach a positive outcome.

1. Jump right in. A common mistake that beginners make is thinking that the best way to overcome public speaking fear is to wait until you feel ready. It’s actually better to dive in and just start speaking. Once you have done it a few times and built confidence, it gets easier.

2. Mingle with your audience. One of the most intimidating factors that many people list as one of their public speaking fears is the fact that they are speaking in front of strangers. If you take the time to speak to a few audience members before your speech, you may feel more relaxed.

3. Join a public speaking group. There are support groups with others who also want to learn how to overcome public speaking fear. Speaking to like-minded individuals can boost your confidence.

4. Practice in front of people you trust. Before you take the plunge to giving a speech in front of strangers or your class, you can go about overcoming public speaking fear by practicing in front of your family or friends.

5. Find the right balance between preparation and relaxation. Practicing your speech several times is highly recommended to build confidence, but you should take the time to relax before your public speaking presentations as well.

6. Practice breathing exercises. With the help of a speech coach or other courses, learn how deep breaths can improve vocal tone and concentration.

7. Speak about subjects you feel passionate about. If you choose topics that you already know something about, you will be better able to overcome public speaking fear. Imagine that you are simply holding a conversation, rather than a debate.

8. Embrace criticism. One of the biggest fears that many have about public speaking is that they will do it wrong. However, everyone makes mistakes on their road to becoming a great speaker, and this is your time to learn from your critics while you overcome public speaking fear.

9. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s natural to want to be a perfectionist when speaking in front of people, but if you relax and roll with the punches your delivery will be far more natural.

10. Have fun with your speech. If you are able to laugh at your mistakes, tell a few jokes during your presentation, and feel like you are holding a conversation with your audience, they will respond better to your speech.

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Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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