This is a wonderful improvisational exercise to cooperate in group work, to encourage creativity, and to develop listening and storytelling skills. Students stand in a small group circle of 8-12 people and tell a story one word at a time by making eye contact and listening to what each person offers. The story begins with each person in turn adding just one word. It’s important to only tell the story of one main character with a title suggestion… “Mary went to the market” or “Bob’s trip of a lifetime.” The story should be about just Mary or just Bob. Don’t bring in lots of other characters and try to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Don’t force the story but try to have the story make logical sense. Goal, obstacle, resolution. Keep your thoughts free flowing and accept what each person suggests. This improvisation-based exercise enhances classroom instruction and relates to many curriculum standards. ImproSolutions is a highly effective tool for developing skills such as literacy, communication, listening, social integration, empathy, team building, idea generation, and problem solving. The ideal space is an open area of at least 500 square feet (approximately 20’ x 25’) with only chairs. This exercise usually takes ten to twenty minutes and can be adapted for participation by students in the front of a classroom by removing the teacher’s desk. We suggest that a classroom teacher or another supervising adult be present or available during the workshops.