"public-speaking-fear-news"For many people the fear of public speaking is a very real one and with 74 percent of adults in America stating that they have a fear of public speaking there is a very real need to make standing up and speaking in front of a crowd much easier and there could be some real help on the horizon thanks to Human Process Augmentation.

According to an article by the Huffington Post, Human Process Augmentation could be the secret to helping many people overcome their problems when it comes to public speaking and making a speech.

The report talks about how Human Process Augmentation was brought in to help assess potential candidates for the FBI and CIA with a byproduct of this being that it has been found to help people who have a fear of public speaking.

Patrick Guanrnieri told the Huffington Post: “Students were having an easier time learning how to develop technical briefs than they were overcoming their fears of public speaking.  Some of these students will be briefing policy makers and generals.”

The need to get past this problem led to research which identified that what was needed was to develop exercises aimed at “limbic surpression” which meant that Human Process Augmentation basically helps fight the fear at its source.

Human Process Augmentation is now being used at the University of South Florida with students working to bypass fear so that they can concentrate on using public speaking to persuade people of their argument.

Trials of Human Process Augmentation to overcome the feat of public speaking are no taking place with some fantastic results being shown that after only a few hours of training people are able to remove fear, self conscious negativity and nerves to be replaces with a focused and relaxed outlook which is ideal for anyone wanting to speak in public.

The details of exactly what the Human Process Augmentation is are still very vague but the results in trial stages have spoken for themselves.  The training in the project not only allows people to better at public speaking but it also helps them to come across as generally more confident and self assured people which can have massive benefits to a persons life in general.

Currently the Human Process Augmentation project is focusing on helping the great and the good to get past their problems but there should be no reason why this process isn’t rolled out to everyone in schools so that the feat of public speaking can finally be something of the past for the majority of people.  The future is indeed looking bright for those who fear public speaking!

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