The world of merchant accounts can be a daunting one to anyone not familiar with the industry, which is why it is essential to work with a company that not only provides all the services that you need but also has the experience and knowledge to guide you to the best possible solutions and at clients are able to rely upon a first class service and the highest possible level of professionalism.

Merchant accounts are constantly changing and adapting so it is good to know that with you are dealing with a company that has more than 16 years worth of experience in this challenging industry.  With this experience comes unique insight that has helped scores of merchants over the years to save money directly with MSI.

Long gone are the days when you simply walked into a retail outlet and handed over your cash for the item you are purchasing, now there are so many different ways to buy goods and services and many people pay for these items electronically, making the need for merchant services and accounts essential, especially if you are needing to deal with credit card processes.

When I was looking to find a merchant services company to deal with credit card processing I was met with a barrage of adverts and recommendations on the internet and it was exceptionally hard to pick out the companies that would work best for me.  How could I be sure that the company I chose would work in my best interest and who would be there for me if I had questions I needed to be answered?

It was very important for me to be able to work with a company that had experience with dealing with businesses of all sizes and was able to help save me as much money as possible.  At the moment my business is small and I want to be able to have all the advantages offered to larger companies available to me, however I hope to grow rapidly and want to ensure that I get the best possible benefits available to larger businesses in the future too.

It was very reassuring to hear about just how many different companies had worked with in the past and that they ranged from start ups to large companies working internationally.

I had never realised just how much money could be saved by using such a merchant service.  In the past MSI has helped thousands of merchants over the years to be able to save hundreds of dollars and in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars for both large and small operations and so far my experience has shown me that not only have I saved money already but that this looks like continuing well into the future.


Any confusion I may have had about merchant accounts were dealt with directly and the difference between a merchant account and a regular bank account was made very clear to me from the offset.  I had ever realised just how many benefits there were to using a merchant account to process credit cards and just how easy it was to set up the entire process to allow me to start receiving payment immediately.

While for me my main focus was on credit card processing there are of course many other reasons to use MSI, especially if you are an ISO or an agent in the industry and are looking to optimise your residual streams.

A quick look at the merchant account services offered shows that MSI are able to take a portfolio and get the very best from it.

After all, once you have taken the time and the effort to build up a successful portfolio then it is time to make sure it starts working for you and by using the merchant services of MSI you can be sure that this hard work really pays off.

Find out just how much your portfolio is actually worth with an honest evaluation and then sell it on for the highest possible value and feel safe in the knowledge that your very best interests are key to the service you are being offered.

What really set apart for me from other companies offering similar services was that while the focus is always on providing the best possible service today, the development of your merchant account for the future is always being considered.

The company are steadfastly committed to promoting the growth and development of all their clients and this comes across immediately.  I may be a small business at the moment but they have already explained to me the possibilities for the future and how I can actually potentially expand my own merchant account into the future.

To be honest, I was very much initially attracted to the promise of the best rates available for their credit card processing services but when it came down to it, the real benefit of using MSI was the unrivalled level of customer service that I received from day one.

I have always felt that my needs are being addressed immediately and that I am a priority and while I know that they are highly regarded for their work with ISO’s and agents within the industry and are able to offer them amazing deals for their portfolios, I also know that I am a valued customer and the one to one attention I receive whenever I need it has given me a confidence in credit card processing that I didn’t think could ever be possible.

Whatever the size of your business or the needs for your merchant account, MSI are able to deliver a service that is second to none and one that I would highly recommend to any business looking for merchant account services or credit card processing and to ISOs and agents looking to make the most from their portfolio. MSI really is a one stop shop for all your merchant needs!

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