"martin luther king speech"It has been 50 years since Martin Luther King made one of the most iconic speeches in history and this week the I Have A Dream Speech will be recreated by modern day human rights campaigners for a special broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

The I Have A Dream Speech was hugely influential when it was first spoken in public by Martin Luther King but has since gone on to be known all around the world by future generations for its powerful message and delivery.

The speech by Martin Luther King will be recreated on Radio 4 using parts of an audio recording of the speech as it was said at the time and then weaving in sections of the speech spoken by people including the Dalai Lama, Doreen Lawrence, the mother of Stephen Lawrence, Malala Yousafzai, the school girl shot by the Taliban and Ndileka Mandela, the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela.

The recreation of the speech comes as the world marks the 50th anniversary of one of the memorable pieces of public speaking ever made.

The broadcast of the speech is to be made on August 28, the exact anniversary of when the speech was first made 50 years ago on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC in front of more than 200,000 civil rights activists.

While the voice of Martin Luther King will open and close the recreation of the speech many other voices will also be included in the speech with contributors including Nobel laureates, Mary Robinson, former UN high commissioner for human rights, Indian peace activist Satish Kumar and Ariel Dorfman, the writer and human rights campaigner.

Gwyneth Williams from Radio 4 said: “Martin Luther King’s words constitute one of the most passionate political statements of the 20th century, a source of inspiration in the quest for freedom in so many different countries around the world.

“I am delighted that Radio 4 is able to bring the whole speech to a global audience for the first time since 1963.  I am also thrilled that we have managed to gather such a distinguished host of contributors to mark the 50th anniversary.”

To introduce the historical speech in full Clayborne Carson, a history professor at Stanford University, will recount his personal memories of the day and the speech at the Lincoln Memorial that changed the world forever.

After 50 years the Martin Luther King I Have A Dream speech still remains one of the most iconic and memorable pieces of public speaking in modern history.



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