"zuckerberg speech news"Facebook co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was the keynote speaker at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona and many were there to hear the speech and to find out more from the social media mogul.

The speech from Mark Zuckerberg was highly anticipated thanks to the earlier announcement of the purchase of the WhatsApp instant messaging service by Facebook for a massive $19 million.  People at the event were keen to hear the reasons behind the acquisition and what any future plans from Facebook may be.

With more than one billion users there are many people interested in what Mark Zuckerberg has to say in a speech, so he chose his words carefully when talking about some of the more controversial issues he addressed in the speech at the Mobile World Congress.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his speech: “WhatsApp is a great company and it’s a great fit for us.  Already almost half a billion people love using WhatsApp for messaging. It’s the most engaging app that we have ever seen that exists on mobile so far.”

He added: “About 70 percent of people who use WhatsApp use it every day, which kind of blows away everything else that’s out there.

“What we see is that WhatsApp is on a path to connecting more than a billion people and there are very few services in the world that can reach that level and they are all incredibly valuable.”

Before he made the speech many people had wondered just how Mark Zuckerberg planned to use WhatsApp in conjunction with Facebook and while it still may be unclear as to the details of the acquisition, t is now clear that the two companies will see more of a merge than a takeover with WhatsApp CEO Jan Koun joining the Facebook board of directors.

In his speech at the congress Mark Zuckerberg continued to explain more about the two companies and the future: “When we had the opportunity to be part of this journey I was just really excited to take Jan up on that and to help him realise his dream of connecting a lot more people.

“In terms of fit for Facebook, when Jan and I first met and started talking about this we really started talking about what it was going to be like to connect everyone in the world.”

Zuckerberg concluded his speech by saying: “It wasn’t really until we got aligned on that vision between Facebook and WhatsApp that we actually started talking about numbers and decided to make a deal.  It’s that vision that I think makes the companies such a great fit.  It’s the shared goal to help connect everyone in the world.”

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