"mark-wahlberg-speech-news"Mark Wahlberg has come along way from his time with the Funky bunch to being an international movie superstar and his achievements have been rewarded by MTV however, his speech has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons after he swore explicitly while picking up his award.

The 42 year old actor took to the stage at the MTV movie awards to pick up the very prestigious Generation trophy but he left the audience in no doubt about how he felt about getting the award with his often very funny but equally often filled with expletives speech.

When he took to the stage he joked “I know what this really means…this is the “you’re-too-f***ing-old-to-come-back” award.  This is not the Channing-Tatum-you’re-dancing-around-chicks-want you award.  This is the you’re f****** done award.  But look, it was a great run.”

During the acceptance speech Mark Wahlberg took the chance to remind people just exactly how far he had come in his career stating that he had was “literally incarcerated to having a one-hit rap career to having an underwear model career.”

Playing to his persona as a tough guy on screen Mark joked with a member of the audience ans shouted “Hey shut the f*** up,  I’ve gotta make Ted 2 and get my money right”.

He went on in his speech to say that he was very happy with his current run of luck and was looking forward to his future upcoming movies being released including Entourage in 2015 and the latest in the Transformer series.

Mark then turned his attentions in the speech towards his wife Rhea Durham.  he said: “I am so lucky to be married to this former supermodel.  Victoria’s Secret model… I don’t know how the f*** that happened”.

But it is unlikely that Rhea would be shocked by the speech being as she has been with Mark wince 2001 and has been married to him for the past five years and is the mother of their four children.

While Rhea may not have been shocked by the speech many in the audience were probably left open mouthed by the use of the F word on several occasions during the speech – a word which is still widely considered to be too much for most audiences.

Swearing in a speech and saying things that cause shock may not be for everyone but they do leave a lasting impression.  You just have to be very careful that the impression that it leaves is a positive one!

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