"Julia Louis Dreyfus speech"With another awards ceremony comes more acceptance speeches but one that stood out at the Emmy Awards this year came from comedy actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Talking to Speakeasy the actress said that she came up with the idea for her speech in the shower on Sunday afternoon.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is known for her role in HBO series VEEP, said that she was preparing for the Emmy Awards when she decided that if she won an award she would draw on her character in the show for inspiration and that she would be asking her co star in the hit series, Tony Hale, to join her on stage if she was lucky enough to be the winner of the award for best lead actress in a comedy series at the awards ceremony.

She told Speakeasy that she wanted to blur the lines between the television show and reality during her acceptance speech where she and Tony Hale would also appear as their characters Selina and Gary in the show.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said: “It was like a lightening bolt, it just struck me.  I called Tony this afternoon and he was game, all I had to do was win!”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus did win the Emmy award for best leading actress in a comedy series  and the pair drew on their characters for her acceptance speech.

Tony Hale came running down the aisle as Julia Louis-Dreyfus took to the stage and then he joined her on the stage and acting like his onscreen character by holding the handbag of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and then feeding her with information and reminding her to thank her family.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus added: “I was just trying to get a laugh”.

She said that she had not intended to sound like politician while she picked up the award but being as the lines were so blurred with the speech it was hard for her not to embody her Vice President character in VEEP.

“If I do (sound like a politician) don’t vote for me,” she joked!

She added to the entire scene by also getting her costar Anna Chlumsky to pretend to be on the phone while she was receiving the award to add to the overall impression.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat off stiff competition for the award from Tina Fey (“30 Rock”), Lena Dunham (“Girls”), Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”), Laura Dern (“Enlightened”) and Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”).

This novel approach to speech acceptance shows that sometimes the actions in a speech can be as important as the words themselves and for a humorous twist sometimes it can be beneficial to bring others into a speech to encourage interactivity.



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