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March 1, 2010

IMproSolutions, announces the re-launch of their Interactive Speaking Series instructional DVD’s, books, and audio program to help people overcome the fear of public speaking.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.– Developed in 1999, IMproSolutions™ provides the tools and knowledge needed to overcome fear of public speaking.  IMproSolutions™ announced today the re-launch of their Interactive Speaking Series System which helps people overcome stage fright, the number one fear among adults.

Based in Hollywood, CA, IMproSolutions™ was founded by three time Emmy nominee Scott Topper who has over two decades of public speaking, improvisation, and acting experience.  Mr. Topper coaches people through the basics of improvising and public speaking with this interactive home study DVD program. He offers step-by-step instructions and personal secrets to improve public speaking skills. IMproSolutions™ helps individuals to discover the true colors of their unique personality. Their mission is to increase confidence and creativity by further developing an individual’s public speaking technique.

Scott Topper, the creative force behind IMproSolutions™, is an entertainment industry expert.  Scott is a member of Meeting Professionals International, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and International Special Events Society.  “I am committed to helping others become better public speakers and overcome their fear.  My goal is to empower individuals to achieve success in their personal and professional lives,” says Mr. Topper.

IMproSolutions™ realizes that becoming a better presenter takes time and practice. Their method, explained in the videos, books and audio program, is effective for anyone who trembles at the thought of speaking in public. The course is fun, simple, and highly-effective.

“After applying this process to your everyday life you’ll find your inner voice and transform your presentations.” says Yann Le Maitre, Publicist for IMproSolutions.

IMproSolutions™ programs have directly impacted the lives of nearly 200,000 people around the world. IMproSolutions™ best-selling DVD’s, books and audio program’s have been constantly refined through more than twenty years of real-life experiences.

If you or someone you know is looking to overcome the fear of public speaking and want to be prepared for the next public speaking challenge, IMproSolutions™ has the right programs to sharpen anyone’s public speaking skills, improve performance, and it will help you gain public speaking confidence.

The fact is everyone at one point in their lives will be called upon to make a speech.  Make sure you are prepared for the opportunity by purchasing IMproSolutions™ life changing products through the exclusive website or if you want to help conquer the fear of public speaking join the IMproSolutions™ affiliate program and spread the word today!

For more information or press inquiries about IMproSolutions™ contact Yann Le Maitre – [email protected]

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