Scott recently visited California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo to teach improv comedy and public-speaking to three classes and over 90 students. Each seminar lasted 2 hours.

THIS WAS A “SCOTT TOPPER WORKSHOP” CLASS. It was a fun interactive seminar that set the mark for an inspirational and exciting year! The IMproSolutions program comprised of a full keynote presentation and demonstration on how Scott works with students to create a fun, enlightening experience focused on supporting objectives by working together. Cal-Poly students experienced the unifying effect of this unique, interactive program and participated in the collective public-speaking improvisation experience. This session should inspire a rhythm of creative success for years to come. The program boosts student confidence with short form improvisation games & exercises.

Throughout the year, remember your thoughts determine your actions. There is a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get. Think positive! Get Inspired!

Add humor… “How come there’s no coffee in my coffee cake?” “Why do they call it coffee cake?”

Scott Topper

Here’s what the Faculty and students had to say about the IMproSolutions Learning program.

“Scott and IMproSolutions came in and worked with our students and really taught them how to bring out vocalization and visualization for their upcoming presentations and key aspects to help them with their future college careers.”

Ernie enjoyed Scott’s Interactive presentation and speech and he liked being called up to the front of the room to practice. He spoke his mind and learned how to project his voice. He experienced first- hand some great public-speaking and improv techniques.

Christian enjoyed learning that in order to keep from getting nervous to know your subject before your presentation and be well prepared.

Don learned how important posture is when you’re giving a speech.

Alex’s eyes were opened to the world of Improv with the IMproSolutions program.

Bianca is a University Freshman at Cal-Poly. She realized the importance of making Eye Contact when making a speech.

Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper at Cal-Poly

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Thursday, February 24, 2011. This was a Scott Topper Workshop Class with Scott as a sponsored guest. Scott helped students with a basic improv lesson plan including One Word at a Time Story and Character Name Introductions through Improvisations.

Each student was asked to introduce themselves to the group by using an accent and by creating a character with body physicalizations. Public Speaking Expert/Founder Scott Topper also workshoped with the “Yes and that means” exercise by having 2 Cal-Poly Students seated in chairs facing each other and accepting information in a team building exercise.