This was one of my favorite experiences. The next best thing to a slow boat to China is taking a ride around Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbor on a sampan. Enterprising fishermen run inexpensive trips around the harbor on Hong Kong Island’s south shore aboard their chugging sampans, traditional flat-bottomed Chinese boats. As well as ferrying tourists on circular harbor tours, the sampan owners also operate a water taxi service for locals. On a more humble scale, sampan passengers also get the chance to see houseboats that are still used as floating homes by some of the local fishing families.

Now I know why it’s called JUMBO Restaurant. It’s a huge, elaborate floating eatery that’s a Hong Kong institution and featured in the James Bond film The Man With the Golden Gun. Free boats take diners back and forth from the pier on Aberdeen promenade. You will not leave here hungry my friends!!

If you’ve got a passion for fashion, you would not have wanted to miss the Hong Kong Fashion extravaganza on 1-17-2011. This show brought fashion and lifestyle together in one exclusive gala presentation! We saw four internationally renowned fashion designers showcasing their latest collections. These were the hottest up and coming fashion trends. Okay, that’s it for now! Until the next public-speaking adventure!!!