"write a persuasive speech"There are several things to consider before writing a persuasive speech. If you’re trying to get people to accept your point of view, you need to use specific public speaking techniques. Start by choosing a controversial topic, then write a speech that supports your statements, and convince people to agree with you. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your audience stays focused and hanging on your every word:

Organize Your Thoughts

Most speeches last about 10 minutes, so it can be difficult to make multiple points and provide enough evidence in such a short time. When writing your speech, prioritize your strongest 2-4 points. The order of the words and ideas let people know the importance of each point in your presentation. The first two minutes of your speech must be interesting enough that the audience is eager to hear more. State your main idea in one simple sentence. Make sure each point is backed up by relevant information, quotations, or statistics. Go smoothly from one point to the next.

Have a Strong Opening and Closing Statement

Start your presentation with a short, powerful statement. The opening of your speech should get people’s attention and make them interested in your topic. You can start with a personal story, an illustration, a challenging statement, or a rhetorical question that will encourage immediate focus on the topic. Avoid weak openings such as a long statement or story, a commonplace observation, or an apologetic statement.

End with your speech a powerful statement. Just as the comedian should leave people laughing, the speaker should leave them thinking. Ending with a call to action can be a powerful way to persuade your audience.

Use Visual Language

Researchers have found that the most effective speeches use as few words as possible. When preparing your speech, choose words and phrases that intrigue people and help them visualize the topic. Avoid having too much content. Use metaphors and personal stories to make intangible concepts tangible.

Pick a Controversial Topic

The best way to find a good topic for your speech is to brainstorm issue that you’ve personally dealt with. Your role is to convince people that your side is right with positive assertions. Come up with an interesting topic that will spawn heated debates regardless of your position. The things you talk about should be important to you. This will make you more credible while helping you convey enthusiasm and confidence.

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