"make money with public speaking"For many people, public speaking is their main source of income. Whether you’re a business owner, a niche marketer, a virtual assistant, or a blogger, you can make money with public speaking. No matter what business you’re in, there are plenty of people who would like to know what you have to say. Even if you’re job doesn’t require you to speak publicly, you can still benefit from becoming a better speaker.

Bloggers can use their public speaking skills to hold teleconferences and online seminars. This allows them to talk about the things they love and share their knowledge. Niche marketers can speak at conferences to teach others how to earn money online. They can also plan webinars and e-courses for their prospects. If you’re a virtual assistant, you can organize courses to educate clients about finding, hiring, and working with a VA. Life coaches can hold presentations about career development, business growth, goal setting, and time management.

There are lots of ways to increase your income as a public speaker. The key is to leverage your skills and make a name for yourself. Many professional speakers earn thousands of dollars per hour for speaking at training sessions, conferences, business meetings and other events. If you can break into it, this is a very profitable market. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money with public speaking:

• Write books and articles to promote your skills
• Create a training system
• Hold presentations and webinars
• Get sponsored by a company
• Work for training companies
• Offer online coaching services
• Do voice overs or recorded speeches
• Get paid as a speaker
• Conduct paid telephone seminars
• Hold teleseminars
• Speak free to promote your business
• Get paid for writing speeches
• Join speakers’ bureaus

Find a topic that you’re passionate about. Do in-depth research to improve your knowledge and learn new things. Think about your personal experiences. Maybe you’ve overcome an addiction, lost a lot of weight, or built a profitable business from scratch. How can you help others improve their lives and become successful? Do you have what it takes to inspire and educate people? Who will want to hear your message?

Identify your audience and create a marketing plan. Start searching for public speaking gigs. Many companies can provide high paying speaking engagements for you, so maker sure you check them out. Hold your own seminars and stay in touch with business owners who need public speakers for their organizations.

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