"persuasive speech call to action"Many public speakers hesitate to close their speech with a call to action. They feel uncomfortable telling people what they want them to do. Your audience will remember the first and last things you say. That’s why it is necessary that you have a strong opening and a strong closing. If you’re making a persuasive speech, it’s mandatory to include a call to action.

A speech without a call to action is considered incomplete and ineffective. Whether you’re making an informative speech, a persuasive speech, or a demonstrative speech, you should always include a call to action. Pointing out the next logical step and telling the audience what to do is essential for the success of your speech. The most effective calls to action are the ones that continue to educate your audience.

A great speech can get you a raise or a promotion. It can also influence people and make them take action. Your call to action should reflect the purpose of your speech. Use your creativity and come up with a strong closing sentence that hits the hearts and minds of your audience. For example, if you’re making a speech at a graduation party, you can ask graduates to change their outlook as they begin their careers. It’s recommended to use a direct call to action that captures the message and leaves your audience thinking.

If you want to become a successful speaker, learn how to end your presentation with the power it needs to compel your audience to take action. This is particularly important when making a persuasive speech. If your audience walks away with one thing, it should be your call to action. You may ask people to:

• Buy a specific product
• Support your position
• Sign a petition
• Join your cause
• Vote for your preferred candidate
• Donate money to a nonprofit organization
• Volunteer their time
• Join a group

When writing your call to action, ask yourself a few questions. Is it appropriate for the audience? Does it support your speech or its key points? Is it in good taste? For example, if you’re making a speech about drug abuse, end your presentation by saying: “Drugs affect addicts and their families. After you leave here tonight, go home and talk to your loved ones. Tell them about the harmful effects of drugs. Let them know that you’re concerned for them.” Your speech or presentation should urge people to take some kind of action.

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