"confident speaking"Do you shudder at the idea of making a public speaking presentation? Do you feel yourself starting to break a sweat at the simple mention of the words ‘public speaking?’ If so, then rest assured that you are not alone. The majority of people have some sort of fear associated with making a public presentation. Whether your fear is slight or great, you can build your confidence in public speaking so that you can successfully address your audience and deliver your message.

Here is a look at some ways that you can increase your confidence when it comes to public speaking:

Practice is essential. I know that it has been mentioned a million times before, and I know that I have even mentioned it several times on this blog, but one of the absolute necessities to achieving success when it comes to public speaking is to practice. The truth of the matter is you simply can’t practice enough. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with your speech and the more confidence you will have.

Speak, don’t read. So many people aren’t successful at public speaking because they read to their audience rather than speaking to them. Think about the times that you have listened to someone make a presentation. The presenters that spoke to you rather than read to you probably had a greater impact and a lasting impression than those who read to you directly from their notes. Make sure you speak to your audience and you will have more confidence when it comes to your public speaking engagement.

Loosen up. People tend to get very tense before they make a public presentation. They clench their teeth, squeeze their fists and start breathing at a rapid pace. Being tense will only make you more nervous, which will lead to an unsuccessful presentation. Take some deep breaths and engage in an activity that relaxes you before making your presentation. For example, listen to a favorite song, go for a walk or drink a cup of tea to soothe your nerves. The less nervous and tense you are, the more confidence you are going to have when you speak in public.

Audience participation. A great way to gain more confidence when speaking in public is to involve your audience in your speech. Ask questions or leave the floor open for people to join your speech. The more audience interaction, the less nervous you will feel and the more confidence you will have.


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