"paul mcginley speech news"Golfer Paul McGinley is known for being able to captivate an audience and is never one to be lost for words but even people who are confident in speaking to an audience sometimes feel the need to brush up on their skills and Paul McGinley has recently admitted that he is getting help with public speaking from a professional in London.

It has been revealed that Paul McGinley  wants to hone his public speaking skills in time for the next European Ryder Cup which is going to be held at Gleneagles next year.

According to the Scottish newspaper, The Herald, Paul McGinley  has been attending half day speech content lessons in London to ensure that he is fully prepared for making speeches during the massive event.

Paul McGinley said: “The training I’m having is so much about my presentation, but more to do with the content of the speeches I will have to make at the Ryder Cup,” he said.

“It’s about getting everything chronologically correct in my presentations. I’ve been asked to do more and more public speaking and I feel I need to get myself more to a professional level, and there is a woman in London who is helping me and I’ve had three sessions already.”

He added: “I’m not concerned about my presentation, as that’s been great. I’ve been fortunate because, of the five years I spent at college, public speaking was a part of my Marketing and International Business courses.

“I’m not going to be an amateur standing up there on the stage when I am trying to be a professional, and there are so many facets – I have been trying to upgrade my public speaking to the best of my ability. If that means getting outside help in some areas then I will do that, ” he concluded.

Being able to hold an audience is not always an issue for a speaker and the natural charisma of Paul McGinley means that he is able to get the attention of an audience and to keep it but sometimes this is not enough and to become a great public speaker you need to be able to combine charisma with content.

There is no point making a speech that actually says nothing o getting help from a professional is a great way to improve your speech making skills before a large public speaking event.

No doubt Paul McGinley will be looking to avoid making some terrible gaffs during his speeches, unlike poor Nick Faldo in 2008 who left the tournament being known for his cringe worthy mistakes rather than for his golfing performance!

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