"gestures in public speaking"Body language, facial expressions, and gestures are some of the most important factors in public speaking. These elements should reinforce the verbal message of your speech. When you’re talking, your body becomes an essential tool in helping you connect with the audience and build credibility. When used unconsciously or incorrectly, your gestures can send the wrong message. Your hand and arm movements should complement your speech and highlight your message.

If you want to look confident when making a speech, relax and make eye contact with your audience. Gestures can be made with your arms, shoulders, hands, torso, and legs. Keep your hands free and put down anything you’re holding. Show your palms open while speaking. This is considered a friendly gesture. Do not move your hands all the time. Use them only when you want to emphasize a key point of your speech.

Maintain a relaxed posture and smile to the public. Avoid holding your hands behind your back, keeping them in your pockets, or folding your arms across your chest. Fidgeting with your hands is a common mistake. Your gestures and movements should flow smoothly and look natural. Using overly rehearsed gestures or stilted gestures may seem melodramatic. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use your hands at all. If you keep them locked at your sides, you will look tensed. When you make a speech or presentation, your hands should hang loosely at your sides.

The way you look and move on the stage can tell a lot about you as a person. Improper body language can affect your image and minimize the impact of your speech. Most speakers spend very little or no time at all practicing their body language and gestures. This is a huge mistake. When you deliver a speech, people will be looking at you more than anything else. Your eyes and gestures reflect your emotions. If you want to persuade the audience or build your credibility, then using proper body language is crucial.

A large part of your personality is portrayed through gestures. Your hands and arms are your best visual aid. Using specific hand gestures can reinforce your message and boost your credibility. You should always practice your speech in front of the mirror. This way you will be able to analyze your gestures and facial expressions. Remember that the main purpose of your speech is to reach the audience. Body language is essential in achieving this goal.

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