"nano-girl-speech-news"The fear of public speaking is something that effects many people but for one doctor she decided to create a super hero alter ego to help her conquer her fear of public speaking and also to help he get her point across generally either in person or online.

According to a report from Stuff in New Zealand, Dr Michelle Dickinson decided to come up with her Nano Girl alter ego to beat her fear of public speaking but it has also helped her to promote her science blog.

Since taking on the role of Nano Girl, Dr Dickinson has seen herself and her work getting far more attention and publicity and now the Dr who was once to scared to speak in public without adopting her Nano Girl persona, has now been asked to take part in the TED talks – showing just how far she has come with her public speaking.

The TED talks stated in America 30 years ago to offer a platform to people to speak about technology, design and entertainment and in the past names such as Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson have been some of the speakers.

Every guest who takes part in the not for profit speeches are allowed to speak for 18 minutes to the audience and then share ideas and experience about their personal careers and experiences.

To help her get past her nerves before taking to the stage to deliver her speech Dr Dickinson said she would be using Nano Girl to help her to beat her fears of speaking in public.

She said: “Originally, Nano Girl was there to help me gain confidence in my own abilities.  However, since then Nano Girl has helped hundreds of children become inspired and excited about science so she has grown into a much bigger personality than I originally planned.”

Nano Girl has helped to bring the topic of nanomechanics to a wider audience and currently Dr Dickinson is studying the way that geckos are able to stick to walls as they walk.

Dr Dickinson and Nano Girl will be using the TED talk to try to change the perception that people have about scientists and engineers.

She said: “I really want to change people’s stereotype of what a typical engineer does and looks like.  It’s not all hardhats and testosterone, but includes females like me who use intricate equipment to help develop the next generation of materials for the technology of the future.”

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