"google glass speech tool"To be a great public speaker you need a few crucial elements, however the latest technology from Google may be the one thing to give you an edge with public speaking in the future.

Not many people are able to memorise an entire speech so it is important to be able to refer to notes or a script but a tele-prompter or even written notes can divert attention away from the speaker and loose a connection between the person giving the speech and the audience, and this is where the Google Glass could potentially revolutionsze the public speaking arena.

Many people are dubious about new technology and how it works in the real world however the Google Glass device appears to have been made for public speakers, making speech making easier than ever thanks to the high tech details that mean you are left hands free and without anything creating a barrier between an audience and a speaker.

Once you have written up the speech that you want to make then you can upload it directly to the Google Glass device where it will then appear in the top right hand corner of the glasses.  You can now read your speech while still maintaining a bond with the audience.

Those who have tested the Google Glass device have found that not only is easy to use at a basic level it is also very comfortable for anyone wanting to make a speech and within minutes you almost forget that you are wearing the device and can concentrate on delivering a powerful and emotive speech to your audience.

Google Glass appears to completely make the tele-prompter surplus to use thanks to the glasses being able to do the same job but without the cumbersome device being planted in front of the speaker.

The glasses also mean that a speaker is not confined to one spot on the stage and can move amount dynamically without restriction and can answer questions and pause the speech with ease while still on the stage.

Google Glass may not have been designed to be the answer to many public speaking problems but inadvertently it seems to have become one of the most important pieces of technology for anyone serious about taking their public speaking to the next level and beyond.

Being able to maintain a connection with your audience while making an engaging and interesting speech is essential for any good public speaker and it just might be that the Google Glass is the one tool that you need to make perfect public speaking a reality.

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