Fun Interactive improvisational games and exercises for better communication, creativity, problem solving, listening, collaboration, and storytelling skills

Each student is asked to introduce themselves to the group by using an accent and by creating their own unique character with body physicalization and vocalization. It’s important to not think of this improvisational exercise as being yourself but instead, creating an actual character one might have studied in literature or in a drama. Together we explore the most important components of comedic and theatrical character creation. We encourage interactive participation in a supportive group setting so that students will learn and master our creative improvisational techniques. IMproSolutions provides professional development and arts education during our improvisational workshops for educators and students. We teach and travel to hundreds of high schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations each year in an effort to effectively communicate a sense of humor and fun in the workplace and within learning institutions for thousands of people worldwide. We have presented workshops at numerous conferences and at global professional development training sessions, most recently for University of China, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Geneva-Switzerland, Women’s Festivals Round Table Discussions, and Santa Barbara City College.