"catherine zeta jones public speaking"Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for her rise from Welsh television beauty to Hollywood royalty but what she is not so well known for is her fear of public speaking.

Being as Catherine Zeta-Jones is an accomplished actress you may be fooled into thinking that speaking in public is something that she is more than comfortable with, however for the Welsh beauty, public speaking is something that fills her with dread.

The fear of the act of speaking in public is so great for Catherine Zeta-Jones she describes herself as feeling “terrified” before appearances, speaking on a film set and making a speech in public.

Speaking to The Telegraph newspaper Catherine Zeta-Jones  spoke of how anxious she becomes when she has to talk in public and how she vents her anxiety on her husband, actor Michael Douglas, to try and prepare for any speeches she might have to make.

Catherine Zeta-Jones said: ” I do get terrified.  I am terrified the first day on a film set.  I get nervous walking down the red carpet.  I find making speeches the most terrifying thing in the world.”

She added: “I have this system.  I torture my husband and everyone around me with my nerves and anxiety.  The, when I get on stage, the fear is gone.  I’ve exhausted myself.  It just dissipates.”

People in the public eye are often thought to be some of the most confident when it comes to public speaking and making speeches but it is often true that actors, actresses, politicians and spokespeople are often some of the most nervous about speaking in public.

Perhaps this is because the expectations of others when it comes to professionals giving a speech is so much higher than the expectations we have for people who are not known for their public speaking.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is currently preparing for a role in a new film entitled Red 2 but she told The Telegraph that she is now far more picky about the roles she chooses to take in films because it is now more important for her to spend time with her family.

She said: “My daughter is 10, my son is 12 and these are such precious years to me.  You never get them back.

“So if I am going to leave my family for any length of time it had better be for a role that I haven’t played before, with great people.  It had better be fun.  Otherwise, to be honest with you, I would prefer to stay at home.”

Doing less roles in films must also be a relief for Catherine Zeta-Jones as it will cut down the amount of public appearances she has to do for the promotion of each film and will reduce her need for public speaking!

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