"caroline-aherne-speech-news"Cancer is not known for being topic of a humourous speech but for comedian Caroline Aherne it was important to make her speech at the launch of the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership one that would raise a few smiles.

Caroline Aherne is best known for he role in the hit television comedy The Royle Family as well as her stint as the alternative talk show host Mrs Merton, however she was recently in the media because she was diagnosed with cancer and she used this latest speech to highlight the importance of “brilliant” cancer treatments and how humour can help to get you through the disease.

Speaking at the conference in Manchester Caroline Aherne said: “My brother and I were born with cancer of the retina.  My mum told us that only special people get cancer.  I must be very special because I’ve had it in my lungs and my bladder as well.”

The 50 year old funny women only told the media that she was recovering from lung cancer last month but since then she has been open about her experience with the disease and used the speech to talk about it.

She also used the speech to highlight the important work of Macmillan nurses and described her own as being “like an angel”.

She said: “When you come out, she answered all your questions that you hadn’t been able to ask at the time or you hadn’t thought of.  It’s worrying for the family when cancer hits you.

“She was great with my mum – she explained everything.  She is an angel and we couldn’t have asked for better support-  The best bit is they completely understand what you’re going through and what your family’s going through.”

Caroline continued in he speech: “Then one thing that gets you through, I’ve found – so many funny things happen when you’re in there and, looking back, you do have a right laugh with the nurses.  Although I was on morphine, so maybe it was just me laughing!

“But that’s a way I think you can cope with it.  If you can separate yourself from it, a sense of humour, really, really helps.”

Manchester has been revealed as having the highest proportion of premature deaths caused by cancer and Caroline Aherne spoke passionately about how this situation had to change in her speech: “We can’t allow Manchester to continue to be the worst place in England for premature deaths from cancer, not to mention all the other appalling statistics we’ve been hearing.

“That’s why the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership has been formed. Everyone in this room wants to make it better, which is why I’m supporting MCIP and asking other people in Manchester who have been affected by cancer to get involved.

“The involvement of patients, carers and families needs to lie at the heart of this hugely ambitious redesign of cancer services,” Aherne added. “We’ve all got the chance here to make a difference and none of us should pass that up.”

At the end of the speech and true to her comic form she finished by joking “my wig stayed on!”

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